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  • KITSEN Formwork and Scaffolding Technology Co.,Ltd., Fengwei Shan, Beiguan Town, Yangjiang, Guangdong, China.

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    Greeting from KITSEN 24th Anniversary Party - 2020/01/13 17:14:31

    The year 2020 is arriving. From KITSEN's anniversary party, we would like to extend New Year wishes to you all !

    President David Huang gave a speach, he thank all the Kitsen people, and emphasized that a harmonious family is a strong backup for each KITSEN people,  and we should be thankful for having the understanding and support from our family.

    Genaral Manager Wei Ming gave a speach, reviewing the main events of the past year, and looking ahead to what needs to be achieved in the future.

    In 2019, we sweated and toiled for achievements. Thanks to our steady pursuit of 1+N Integrated Solution, the domestic turnover increased by 8.3% over last year, while the oversea sales volume reached a growth of 41%. And the overall increase is up to 30%.

    And KITSEN ranked among the top 500 manufactures in Guangdong.  We will keep moving...

    It is joyfull to be involved in the performance of the party.

    Tai chi kung fu show

    Mini-sketch from International Sales Dept.

    At this moment, many engineers are still at their posts, offering guidance on project jobsites. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

    Let's seize the day and live it to the full, and greet the arrival of the year 2020 together and write the next chapter of KITSEN.

    We wish you all a happy new year!

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