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    FAQ of KITSEN Fastform - 2019/08/09 10:37:26

    Kitsen top-rated Fastform Slab Formwork System is an advanced aluminum panel-prop early-stripping slab formwork system. This system enjoys a good reputation among our clients. Here we would like to share some frequently asked questions by our clients:

    Question 1: What's the allowable concrete thickness ?

    KITSEN: More than 300mm. The loading capacity is 24KN/m² and 300mm concrete thickness for 1.8x1.2m panel. The smaller size, the greater thickness could be allowed, one 0.6 x0.6m panel could allow the concrete thickness up to 650mm.

    Question 2: Does it require release agent?

    KITSEN: Yes, required. Release agent makes the panel easy to dismantle, and the surface is smooth and clean.

    Question 3: Does it require filler between two panels? Which kind?

    KITSEN: Yes, required. Generally Kraft tape or Duct tape is used between panels. Before pouring the cement, you need to put a tape between two panels, and then the phenomenon of cement leakage can be avoided, and after dismantling, the surface will be very smooth.

    Question 4: How to equip the quantity of truss? And what's the function of truss?

    KITSEN: In generally speaking, using one unit trusses (4pcs trusses) among ten panels, also it can be customized. Function: it is used for fixing when assembly, and then ensure the stability.

    Question 5: What's the solution when the early-stripping head cannot be used in the place?

    KITSEN: Using U head to support two panels.

    Question 6: Can it be early-stripping? how long to dismantle the panels? How long to remove the props? How many days to finish one floor?

    KITSEN: Yes, it can be early-stripping, 36 hours to dismantle the panel, 15 days to remove the props, and 7 days to finish one floor if equipped with two floors props or 5 days to finish one floor if equipped with three floor props (including assembly, concrete pouring and dismantling)

    Question 7: How to equip the quantity of lock pin?

    KITSEN: One filler beam comes with 2pcs lock pins. Filler beam is mainly used in the gaps between panels and walls or it is used to connect the wood formwork, because the wood formwork will be used in the place when the regular panels cannot be used.

    Question 8: What's the thickness of plywood? Has film? What kind of glue is used? How many times can single side be used?

    KITSEN: The thickness of plywood is 10mm. Double sides are covered with film and spraying waterproof paint around the edge. Using phenolphthalein glue. Single side can be used around 30 times.

    Question 9: What's the load capacity when using prop alone and what's the load capacity when using prop and extension together?

    KITSEN: When using prop alone, the load capacity is 21-41KN; when using prop and extension together, the load capacity is the same as 21-41KN, nothing but the deformation will be larger, but there is no problem by using truss to make it stable. 


    Question 10: In actual situation, by using one prop and one extension as around 5 meters support, how to use the truss?

    KITSEN: Even if it is used as 5 meters support, one floor trusses is enough, but if using two floors trusses, then will be more stable.

    To be continued, please keep an eye on the next part, thank you.

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