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    David awarded The Prominent Figure of Formwork and Scaffolding Industry - 2019/06/24 11:38:29

    David (Huang Guowei), the founder of KITSEN, awarded the Prominent Figure of Formwork and Scaffolding Industry (Climbing Scaffold) in 2019.

    From May 26 to May 28, sponsored by the China Formwork And Scaffolding Association, co-organized by many flagship enterprises in the formwork industry, the 2019 National Climbing Scaffold and Wood Form Construction Technology Conference was held in Zhengzhou. More than 350 industry representatives attended the meeting.

    During the conference, the prominent figures of Formwork and scaffolding industry were highly praised. The founder of KITSEN, David won the honor.

    David, born in 1958, who is the executive vice president of Yangjiang Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce, the academic standing director of China Architecture Society, the vice chairman of China Template Scaffolding Association, the dean of KITSEN Architecture Research Institute, the visiting professor of the Yangjiang Professional Technology College and the expert of Guangdong Information and industrialization integration.

    David leads the KITSEN R&D Team which has strong capacity in technical innovation. So far, 2 scaffolding technology patent in Germany and France, 3 invention patents in China, 48 utility model patents and 7 national industry standards have been authorized. The model test center dedicated to high-module testing and KITSEN Architectural Research Institute was built.

    With his strong leadership, Kitsen obtained many honors, Private Technology Enterprises in Guangdong, National High-tech Enterprises, China Scaffolding Center, SIA American Scaffolding Association Member and Excellent Building Template Supplier for China Nuclear Power Infrastructure Project, KITSEN become the leader in formwork and scaffolding industry. After years of implementation of the architectural formwork project, he created the 1+N Integrated Solution concept, leading the formwork trend of China's low-carbon smart building.

    Guo is the prosperous country, Wei is the strong power. The chairman of  KITSEN Technology Co. Ltd.,  David ( Huang Guowei )will lead KITSEN to inaugurate a more bright future.

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