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    Are You Looking For A Scaffold For High-rising Building? - 2019/12/23 11:59:33

    If your project has 20 floors or more, are you still using traditional scaffolding to decorate the exterior of the building?

    Are you facing the below problems when using the traditional scaffolding?

    1.High cost (materials & labor)?

    2.High risk (If it is up to 20 floors or more)?

    3.Occupy tower crane?

    4.Slow construction progress?

    5.Hard to manage the jobsite?

    6.Eager to find a new system to replace the traditional scaffolding?

    If all Yes for the above questions, we have a system named #KITSEN Self-climbing scaffolding system which has below features can fix all your issues:

    1. Easy and one-time installation and self-lifting mechanism integrated with a safety monitoring system maximizes the jobsite safety and construction stability. (Save your time and money)

    2. No usage of tower crane expedites the whole jobsite efficiency and speeds up work progress. (Save your time and money)

    3.Fully enclosed workplace, minimize the risks of falling objects and jobsite accidents. (Safety)

    4. Most components and material come with standard sizes, make the system reusable for future different projects. (Save money)

    According to our sales record, here we would like to share some data for comparison:

    It shows that it does save a lot by using self-climbing scaffolding system. Please note that it just compares the material. If you consider the labor cost etc., you will find that this system is very competitive.

    So far, lots of our clients have got benefits from this system. They are from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mexico, Ethiopia etc. Also, this system is a star product in China.

    To let you have a quick way to know this system, we can summarize like this: This system can replace the traditional scaffolding and help you save lots of money and time , we believe that the workers appreciate this system. If you want to get the quotation, just throw us the Auto CAD drawings and we will provide you a solution.

    Afraid that the workers don't know how to handle it? We will offer jobsite guidance and our engineers have rich experience in it.

    Want to know more? Or want to check whether your project is suitable to use this system? Please don't wait, and just call to action.

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