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    A New Top Rated Slab Formwork from Kitsen --3D Early-Striping System - 2019/12/17 10:27:21

    KITSEN 3D Early Stripping Decking system is designed by our president Mr. David Huang. We are the first one to produce and use this system in China and abroad. Also, this system has obtained the national invention patent.

    The new 3D formwork system is suitable for the concrete slab structure with many beams and the building with irregular geometrical structure, which requires high demoulding quality. This system integrates the construction technology for both early stripping and horizontal shoring. It can realize the early stripping and 3-dimensional direction adjustment. According to construction progress, 1-floor formwork with 3-floor or even with 2-floor shoring can ensure both continuous construction and accelerate formwork being reused. This system can save more cost and bring bigger profit for construction and has been widely used at home and abroad.

    It is a flexible steel beam – birch plywood - Prop slab formwork which is suitable for slab with or without beams, irregular geometry and large spans between columns.

    #1. Size of Primary Beam: 1200/1500/1850/2400mm.

    #2. Size of Second Beam: 1900/2400mm.

    #3. Size of Props: 1800-3200mm,2500-4300mm

    There is no restriction of height and the thickness of slab can up to 600mm as it can be adjusted by changing the shoring.



    *High Strength steel beams, which is strong loading capacity.

    *Longer Span, Good Reliability.

    *Powder coated after Zinc coated surface, Good rust resistance and higher pour cycle.

    2-High Efficiency

    *Easy to assembly, no bolt needed.

    *Neat jobsite.

    *Good concrete forming quality, no need plastering.

    *Early stripping, 1 floor panel with 3 floors shoring.


    *Construction timing guarantee, 5 days a floor, save labor and management cost.

    *No plastering cost, including material and labor cost of plastering process.

    *High reuse times of beams, cut new panel cost.

    4- Environment friendly

    *High reuse times of beams and adjustable props.

    *Less use of timber beams.

    *Forest resource protection.

    *Friendly to the green environment protection and energy saving policy.

    According to our current project details, our worker can assemble 25-50m2 per day. 5 days to complete one floor. Also, there is no crane needed. All beams can be transited to the next floor by a small hole.

    It works with aluminum formwork system together. It helps to save construction time.

    The concrete finish is very smooth and no need plastering which helps to reduce material and labor cost.

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